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Lander, WY to Dubois, WY

I used to ask Will which trail was his favorite of the Triple Crown.  He would answer without hesitation: CDT.


It is hard to pick a favorite trail.  Obviously, they all teach us different things and come into our lives at different points.  The AT taught me that I loved long-distance hiking.  The PCT taught me how to fall in love.  The CDT taught me how to suffer and keep pushing anyway. 🙂


I have a hard time picking a favorite. But, until recently, I would tell Will that the CDT wasn’t my favorite. It was too brutal for me.  I missed the easy cruising of the PCT, or the community of the AT.


And then I entered the Winds, and spent 6 incredible days saying “Seriously??  Are you kidding!?” and picking my jaw off the ground.  It was some of the best terrain that I’ve ever hiked across, and that’s against some tough competition.


I called Will from Dubois.


I told him that I finally understood.  I couldn’t pick a favorite trail, but I had just experienced one of the best weeks of my life.


Here are way too many pictures from the Winds.  These pictures don’t even begin to do it justice.


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